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23rd July 2019

AMENDED HOLIDAY INFORMATION: From Saturday 27th July - 3rd August 2019, the Jango Wears shop will continue to be open, however our communication may be slightly delayed. We will be checking periodically throughout the week and aim to reply as soon as possible. We have decided to update the website throughout this week and take some updated photos ready for reopening.

This holiday period will also allow us to catch up with any outstanding logistical changes.

The rest of the website will be up and running (however there may be very short periods in which the website is down - we will update our social media and the main website page to show when this is). It may take us a little longer to reply while we restructure the website, however we will get back to you all.

We will therefore be placing some items on sale ready for some new additions happening over the next couple of months. Keep check of our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information.

As always, much love to you guys for being the best customers!

/sending puppy love

18th June 2019

Hi all, hope you’re all well? Where has this sunshine gone?!

Anyway, we are looking to take a small break away from Jango Wears and have a much needed week off. This will start from Monday 24th June until Monday 1st July.

Within this time, we will be closing the website shop at certain stages in order to do a full review of stock, place some new items online and also review some photos and new feedback pages.

We will be active on Instagram still (@jangowears), however our response time may be a little slower while we enjoy a break.

The next Episode to Little Man will be getting released this week - we hope you like it!

/sending puppy love

26th May 2019

Bank holiday offers are now live on our shop section. These will continue until midnight Monday 27th May 2019.

After midnight 27th, all items will revert to their previous pricing.

/sending puppy love

28th March 2019

Hi everyone! We hope you are enjoying some of the lovely weather that we’re getting.

We have some really exciting news in that we have secured a few more brands for the website. We are hoping that these brands will be getting phased onto the website within the next month…..we can’t announce anything just yet….but very soon!

With the above news, we have decided that we will revamp the website….nothing too drastic, but maybe some new photos and section updates. We will be looking to take the website shop down for a few days while everything gets a fresh new look, however we will update this section as soon as we have a date in mind.

…..and due to the updates, we will be looking at adding more items to the sale section….and remember to check out our Instagram page (@jangowears) for sale items listed in our stories.

Thanks again for the support guys, can’t wait to tell you the new brands - stay tuned.

/sending puppy love

5th February 2019

Well that time has gone quickly already hasn’t it! The year has certainly started to fly by and we’re almost nearing our 2 year anniversary of Jango Wears. We will be running a little maintenance on the website at some point leading up to this date (11th Feb) in order to make the business run more smoothly.

We have also come to the decision that we will be introducing a small postal fee for all UK orders - this is due to the fact that we will be tracking all parcels using Track & Trace. This is due to a very small number of parcels going missing (we think due to the influx over the Holiday period) - this will allow us to answer parcel queries more efficiently and all post update emails will have a tracking number corresponding with your orders. This will be taking place from 6th Feb 2019 (9am) and will be a flat rate for all UK orders of £2.00 for 2nd Class Signed For (overseas postal costs can be seen at checkout).

Finally, we would like to thank you all for the lovely Birthday messages that you sent for our little boy who turned 1 on the 4th Feb. It was overwhelming to see the volume of emails and DMs wishing him a Happy Birthday, as always, we can’t thank you enough.

/sending puppy love

21st December

**Christmas Notice**

We are taking a small break over the Christmas time......during this time, we’re going to have some time away from social media, update all items we have in stock and make a start on some illustrated items you guys have requested.

Plus we wanted to let you guys know that there are going to be some small website changes rolling out throughout the rest of December, with everything ready for 1/1/2019.

We will be keeping check of messages and email, however the shop side of the website will be closed from 23rd-26th of December.

If you have any queries, please feel free to get in contact and we can assist you as much as possible (however we may take longer than normal to reply as we will be checking social media a little less over this time).

Much love guys as always, Jango Wears.

/sending puppy love

8th December

Hi again!

We had such an amazing time at the market that we attending last week. And we’re doing it all over again this weekend. We will be attending the North shields Victorian Market on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December. The website shop will be down over this period in order to prevent cross sales. However, if there is something you have your eye on, pop us an email or DM us via Instagram and we can see what we can do.

Thanks again for the support guys. Can’t wait to see some of you at the market.

/sending puppy love

5th December 2018

Hi all!

Our website shop will not be accessible today due to us attending our very first Christmas Market of 2018! Don’t worry though - if there was something you’ve seen, pop us a DM via Instagram (@jangowears) or email us at hello@jangowears.com and we can see what we can do.

We have a few updates to pop on here tonight (as soon as we have completed our stock take and customer queries.

/sending puppy love

17th September 2018

We have some exciting news to announce. Finally our Jango Wears Email Campaign is here. We listed to what our customers wanted….an email subscription that would feature awesome photos, products, brands, offers and the eagerly anticipated ‘Little Man’ episodes - where we document stories (both highs and lows) of living with the namesake of Jango Wears.

To opt into the email subscription, just pop your email address into the Jango Wears Email Campaign pop up. Our first email is due to be released on 21st September - we started this campaign venture off with a story that was pretty hard to write…it was one of our lowest moments with Jango, but a moment that concreted our love for him. We hope you enjoy this new side of Jango Wears.

/sending puppy love

29th August 2018

We're updating our customer reviews - head over to our 'Dude & Dudettes' section to see some of the awesome comments from our customers. We're so thankful for these comments - they make the hard work so worthwhile and they genuinly do put a smile on our faces - thank you guys for being so awesome. 

We're also trialing a free postage option for customers from today and throughout September - we're still offering the tracked option too - we thought it would be nice to trial something different - thanks again everyone.

/sending puppy love

26th August 2018

We're super excited to be attending a dog party today! Our online shop may be disabled from time to time today, however, please feel free to email us at hello@jangowears.com or DM us via Instagram (@jangowears) and we can assist on trying to reserve your item until we are back from the party!

Thanks again for the support and we apologise for the disruption on the website. Have a great Sunday everyone!

/sending puppy love

23rd july 2018

We've had a revamp. With being over a year old, we've decided to update the website. Which means great news if you're a dog lover, with loads of new stuff on the horizon. Please stay tuned as you always do. As of course, we appreciate the support, it means a lot.

/sending puppy love

Jango Wears:
Big & Little Dogs - Mexican Fiesta Adjustable Harness


Jango Wears:
Big & Little Dogs - RaptorReversible Harness


Jango Wears:
Big & Little Dogs - Crabby Reversible Harness & Lead


15th July 2018

What a hot month it's been! Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! 

Just a quick update to let you guys know of a couple of details. 

Our World Cup Offers section finishes at midnight tonight! We have also just listed a few more products to that section.

We have also introduced a trial discount code for smaller items, such as bandanas & harness patches - why pay more postage when we can get it to you cheaper! Use code 'SMALLPOST' to knock £3.00 off these products postage costs. 

More customers showcasing their illustrated items (bags and cups) - we're loving these photos - please keep them coming. 

We're hoping to introduce the illustrated phone cases shortly too! We have meetings with the supplier of the cases and the printers this week - so fingers crossed these should be available very soon. 

Thank you again for your continued support. As a small business, this really does mean a lot. 

Have an awesome rest of your weekend guys. 

/Sending puppy love

28th June 2018

Hello guys, 

What a few weeks eh! We have got our World Cup Offers going on currently - and these will continue throughout the full competition! 

We have sent out more commission work that is getting great feedback online. We really love illustrating your pooches and getting them onto cups and bags for you lot - it's great fun. 

We have just added yet another Pre-Order run - due to the popularity of these, we think we will be running probably one/two a month. 

We have also added a Reserve section - for items that are actually on their way to us. Therefore being able to secure the item straight away for posting as soon as delivery is received. 

We have loved seeing your photos of your dogs using products from Jango Wears - keep them coming!

Again, thank you to all who are supporting us. And remember, you can head along to Instagram and follow us @jangowears and also our Outlet Store @jangowearsoutlet

/Sending puppy love

13th June 2018

Wow almost half way through the year already! 

We have received stock of Julius-K9 and have so far had a great response from customers. As previously said, we listen to our customers and once Julius-K9 had been asked about, we decided to try them for ourselves. We've found them a great addition to the website....plus Jango loves his new Orange one!

Our first lot of commission work has been sent to customers, and once they have been received, we are looking forward to updating our social media with photos!

We have also added a new Instagram account (@jangowearsoutlet) - this will showcase all our stock that we have limited numbers of, stock that we possibly may not have delivery of again and also last chance items. We will still be updating our original IG account (@jangowears), but we feel we may be updating the look of this one and wanted to show the reduced items in a more local setting.

Thanks again everyone.

/Sending puppy love

24th May 2018

Hi everyone!

Just a couple of updates for you guys. Firstly, you may have received emails from a few companies regarding the new GDPR details. We have updated our Privacy Policy, which can be found on the link at the bottom of this page.

Secondly, we are pleased to announce that we have some further information on the commission work. After speaking to customers, we have decided to open up the commission work to more customers. We originally planned to operate a 'slot per month' procedure in which customers reserved a slot. However, in doing this method, it restricted the number of customers that were able to place an order. We have therefore decided to open up the slots to a larger amount of customers and just provide a rough 'due for competition' date.

We have been in touch with a couple of printers and are pleased to announce that our first item should hopefully be available to view by the weekend. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has been in contact with us regarding this work and we can't wait to show you guys the finished products. 

Finally, we are pleased to announce that we should have the Julius K9 brand in stock by next week. Again, thank you to all customers who have been in touch with queries regarding sizing and reserving items. 

/Sending puppy love

10th May 2018

Hi guys! Another month has passed and we're already into May! 

We have some exciting news to share with you......

Firstly, we would like to welcome 2 new brands - we currently now stock Natural Dog Company and also Organic Barkery. We will also be adding Julius K9 to our site in the very near future - we're just awaiting some delivery information. We listened to you guys and you advised us of these brands and we've done our research. Remember, only things that we would be happy to use with our own little man, Jango, makes it onto the website. We would never stock something if we wouldn't use it ourselves (we like to think this makes us a bit different to other/generic dog shops).

Secondly.......and we've been desperate to tell you guys......our commission work has already started. WOOOOOO - high fives all around!

The concept is that we will be submitting a certain amount of allocated slots per month for artwork to be done based on your dog/s........these will then be printed onto certain items. Our trial pooch has been chosen and the artwork is getting there......the lovely lady who we have chosen will be getting this printed onto a tote bag - once it's completed we will be showcasing it to you guys and then the allocated slots will be available to reserve!

And lastly, just another thank you to our loyal customers, old and new. I started this idea back in January of last year and I couldn't have asked for a nicer bunch of customer - Jango means the whole World to us and to be able to showcase this and the products we love has been a dream come true. 

As always, much love from the Jango Wears family x

/Sending puppy love

24th March 2018

Wow - can't believe it's almost April - this year is already starting to fly! 

We have very limited stock left in the Last Chance Offers section. Once these items have gone, we will be updating the website and stock levels an hopefully will be adding some exciting new products soon!

**IMPORTANT** The website shop will be closed from 10pm Saturday 24th March, until 8pm Sunday 25th March. this is due to us attending a Pug Party being held in the North East. We're really excited to have been invited along to this event and can't wait to see all your lovely Pugs! 

If in the mean time, you have any queries, please feel free to email us at hello@jangowears.com alternatively, you can follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@jangowears) for updates. 

/Sending puppy love 

1st March 2018

Well....firstly we would like to thank everyone for their well wishes regarding the arrival of newest Jango Wears team member, baby JT, who made his debut on the 4th February. We really appreciate all the lovely comments we have received, thank you all so much. 

We understand that the past few days (and the next few days to come), have had some severe weather. We hope you are all keeping safe and warm. We have managed to get all orders (except pre-orders) out to the post office. We have been informed that there may be some delays with deliveries due to the weather....so please keep a look out for updates. 

We have recently been in contact with a few brands that we feel would make great additions to the Jango Wears family. We should hopefully have some exciting news regarding this very soon!

We have listed items with a special discount in the 'March Offers' section and also 'Last Chance Offers' section has been undated to show the remaining stock.

Thanks again everyone and we hope you have a lovely weekend!

/Sending puppy love

25th January 2018

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for being patient while we resolved the payment and email issue on the website. It should all now be up and running :) 

We only have a limited amount of stock left in the 'Last Chance Offers' section - these items have been flying out and we're really pleased with all the feedback (and beautiful photos!) of the products. 

The January Offers section will be ending on the 31st January 2018 at midnight. We hope you have been pleased with the items and offers that have been on there. 

We shall be working on more website updates within the next few weeks and we are also looking forward to introducing the new member of Jango Wears (expected arrival date 11th Feb 2018!). 

Thanks again everyone and keep up with all the photos - we're loving seeing them. 

/Sending puppy love

PAYMENT INFORMATION - 22nd January 2018

Hello, we are aware of some issues regarding being able to checkout - we are currently in the process of this being resolved and it should be up and running by 9-10am tomorrow morning. 

If there are items that you are trying to purchase, and would like us to hold them to one side, please feel free to email us at hello@jangowears.com and we shall place the items to one side until the checkout issue has been resolved. 

Many thanks everyone :)

22nd January 2018

Hi everyone! It's all going on here at Jango Wears HQ. We have been researching into new products to add to the website (and remember, if you feel you have a brand or you know of a brand that you would like to see on the website, please feel free to contact us at hello@jangowears.com). 

We are currently awaiting further information, however we should hopefully have some details on new brands and products shortly. 

Due to previous demand, we are currently running another pre-order service with the Big and Little Dogs brand from Australia. The cut off date for pre-orders will be the 4th of February with a rough delivery date of the 25th of February. All items that are available for pre-order can be found in the 'Pre-Orders' section on the shop page. 

We have been running a January Offers section which has proved to be very popular - thank you all so much for your custom and support!

We only have a limited number of the 'Last Chance Offers' items left. These item designs are being discontinued, therefore once they're gone, they're gone. IF you have any queries regarding discontinued items (or any other items), please feel free to get in contact with us. 

Remember to follow us on social media: Twitter and Instagram @jangowears

/Sending puppy love

2nd January 2018

Happy New Year to all you crazy dog-lovers across the globe. We hope you've had a great Festive season and enjoyed it with your nearest and dearest. Here at Jango Wears we've been working with our suppliers in order to offer you guys some fantastic new products, including new -design harnesses, leads/leashes, bow-ties and neckerchiefs.


Check out our new items below (click on them to see them up close and personal)

19th December 2017

Well the Christmas season is on us and the big day won't be much longer!

We have placed some items on our 'Last Chance Offers' section of the website - a lot of these products have limited stock and once they're gone, they're gone. We have also decided to put a discount on a few other items around the website (these can be found in the 'Christmas Discounts' section, and remember if you spend over £30 to use the discount code '30FREESHIPPING' for free 2nd class post. We are trying our hardest to get all items posted either the same day or the next working day - however due to the Christmas rush, we can't guarantee items will be there as stated. Wednesday the 20th Dec has been classed as the last recommended day for 2nd class, and Thursday 21st Dec recommended for 1st class.

We can't believe it's almost been a year since this all started, and we couldn't have done it without you guys - thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts. 

/Sending puppy love

2nd November 2017

Our online store will be offline until Sunday evening this week, however if you're local to Newcastle, feel free to come and see us at the Living North festival at Exhibition Park, Newcastle!

If you are requiring any information, whether it be regarding the festival or just any general inquires, please email us at hello@jangowears.com

/Sending puppy love

25th October 2017


Happy Halloween! We have added a Hallow'Scream Specials section to the website with some offers that we currently have - once they're gone, they're gone!

These Halloween specials will run until midnight on 31st October 2017.

We will be attending the Living North Christmas Market in Newcastle Thursday 2nd November to Sunday 5th November. We hope we see some of you guys there!

Thanks again for all the support you have given us - the feedback we receive, along with the lovely photos of your dogs really makes our day!

/Sending puppy love

8th September 2017


Due to some updates on the website and also the NE Dog Festival, the shop part Jango Wears will be down from 11pm tonight, until Sunday 10th September 11am. 

You're more than welcome to still contact us via IG & Twitter DM and email hello@jangowears.com

Many thanks again for being fantastic customers, have a great weekend guys

❤️ Love the Jango Wears family ❤️

29th August 2017

We're at the end of the summer, noooo!

We've had a very successful summer here at Jango Wears. With new product designs, as well as introducing our new Pre-ORDER scheme, we've been kept mega busy restocking and shipping orders all over the world.

Our stall will be at the North East Dog Festival @ Kirkley Hall, Ponteland on 9th September 2017. Tickets are £5 and can be purchased via the official website

We have updated our shop to include Pre-Orders, current Sales & Last Chance To Buy (end of line) products. Making life easier for you guys to pick up a bargain.

/Sending puppy love

22nd July 2017

What a busy month it's been!  

We've been inundated with photographs of your fur-babies using products from Jango Wears. We love seeing them, so keep them coming! The shop is now stocking a larger range of Beco Pets products and recently took delivery of the 'Sitting Frenchie' from the amazing Quirky Things brand in Australia. 

We also have plans to update the website and aim to focus our attention this week to finalise our new ideas.

**A little reminder that we will be attending the North East Dog Festival at Kirkley Hall, Northumberland on Saturday 9th September**

Many thanks again for all your support over our first 6 months of trading. You guys have been amazing and we couldn't ask for better support and feedback. 

/Sending puppy love

31st May 2017

Wow, what a month-and-a-bit! We've had some awesome support from you guys recently and to thank you all, we've stocked the shop with some BRAND NEW and EXCLUSIVE goodies for you to all browse. Big & Little Dogs have officially released some really funky designs, including our new favourite harness CRACKED UP. I mean come on, it's got bacon and eggs on, how cool is that? Among other things, we are intending to get some more FRENCH BULLDOG 3D PRINTED items and should be in the shop ready to buy as soon as they drop into our hands.

We'd like to use our platform to remind all dog owners to be extra cautious and mindful when you've got your pooch out and about. Always remember to keep them hydrated and cool when the sun is shining, it doesn't necessarily need to be blazing hot for your mutt to start over-heating!

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

/Sending puppy love

18th April 2017

We've had a very busy fortnight here at Jango Wears. We received the great news that Jango Wears has been selected as the official European Stockist for Australian brand Quirky Things. They are a growing brand who produce some very funky little dog-related items, all of which are 3D printed to order. We are expecting stock at the beginning of next week, so stay tuned.

  • The blog section of the website should be up and running by the end of this month, which will be another exciting part of the development of Jango Wears.

  • We sent our first box of goodies off to The French Bulldog Saviours, all donated through the Jango Cares initiative. For more details, please see the Jango Cares section of our site.

  • Stock update; we've added more Big & Little Dogs products, including new designs of harnesses and collars.


Jango Wears will be attending both Living North Live in Newcastle this month on Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April 2017, as well as The North East Dog Festival at Kirkley Hall in Ponteland in September (dates to follow).

/Sending puppy love

4th April 2017

Firstly, thank you to all Jango Wears customers - you have been amazing and it's been great following you guys on social media showcasing your pooches with products from the website. 

  • Super proud to be giving the status of exclusive online U.K. stockist of Big & Little Dogs products.

  • Jango Wears will be attending both Living North Live in Newcastle at the end of April and also The North East Dog Festival at Kirkley Hall in Ponteland in September.

  • After only being open for a month, it's been amazing to see the website grow and hopefully within the next couple of weeks some new brands will be joining the Jango Wears family.

/Sending puppy love

19th February 2017

  • Within the next couple of weeks, we will be stocking the Big & Little Dogs Adjustable Harnesses (Mexican Fiesta & Zorrow designs). We will also be stocking their dog collars with detachable bow-ties.

/Sending puppy love

12th February 2017

  • We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has browsed and purchased items from our online store, we are thrilled with the response so far!

  • We are welcoming L'Barkery to the Jango Wears family. We will be stocking their Puppicino, Paw Blonde & Barkeraide. Their products are formulated by their own pet nutritionist and then approved by their own taste testers, Lola & Blade

/Sending puppy love

1st February 2017

  • We have just received confirmation that we will be stocking Organic Barkery's Paw Butter. The main benefit of the orange and coconut butter is to prevent damage from long walks on rough terrain, keeping paws moisturised while also acting as a flea repellent.

/Sending puppy love

30th January 2017

  • We're pleased to announce we will be stocking products of Beco Pets, including slow-feeding bowls and BEAR SIZED poop bags. We're hoping to announce a couple more retailers over the next few days.

/Sending puppy love

23rd January 2017

  • The first stockist of Australian brand Big and Little Dogs dog accessories in the UK

  • Review section added to website

Over the latest 48 hours, we've deliberated on pursuing a dream of ours and dedicating some time to putting together a website and shop for other crazy dog owners to spoil their mutts rotten. Go ahead, sure, look at the items in the shop and buy one of each. You would if you loved them right?

/Sending puppy love