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January 12th 2017

Pure Pet Food

For over a year now, we have been feeding Jango on Pure Pet Food. We started off with a 'standard' dog food, however quickly realised that we wanted to get Jango on food that we felt would really make him shine. 

We stumbled across Pure Pet Food while looking on social media and coming across an article about two guys who wanted to pitch their idea to Dragons Den - intrigued by this, we had a look into it. 

I had originally looked at making home made meals for Jango, wanting him to have fresh food in which we could see what was getting put in. So when we came across this food, with the idea that it was human grade food and they really seemed passionate about their work. It seemed a lot of thought had gone into the process and it was exactly what we were wanting. 

We ordered a trial pack, it arrived and we got to work - very simply, adding water to the dehydrated mixture. Left it for 15 minutes on the benchtop (which Jango jumped constantly at), then proceeded to lower it to the ground. Jango finished the lot, licking his chops and looking very pleased with himself. 

Since this, we have only missed out on ordering (when I've been a bad pawrent!) on a couple of occasions and when we have given him something in replace of his Pure, he ain't happy!

They recently released a few new flavours, in which we think we've found Jangos favourite, freeze dried Brilliant Beef. We are now in a routine in which we will bulk order (theres a deal for that which makes it even better). We have just recently received 2 x 8kg boxes, which when water is added to them, create roughly 32kg of food each. We plan the food 15 minutes earlier (you can make it before hand as long as you use it within a certain time frame), however Jango seems to prefer it when it is freshly made (he likes it more watery).

I will update this post shortly with a video of the process and, of course, Jango enjoying it. 

The lovely people at Pure Pet Food also make cat food too! And have been great enough to offer new customers 50% off their starter packs when you use the code JANGO at the following link:

January 30th 2018