The concept of Frenchie Love

Sometimes things happen in life which bring on a range of emotions. Sometimes a little gesture can bring a smile to someone who needs just that small lift in life.

And that’s why we’ve started ‘Frenchie Love’.

The concept of ‘Frenchie Love’ is to bring a little happiness to people when they need it. Do you know someone that would love a dog but for whatever reason can’t. Do you know someone who would love to get a little note from Jango and Boba? Maybe even a little photograph of them?

We’re all about trying to better ourselves at Jango Wears. And one thing we want to do is help improve someones day. We can’t work miracles, but we can help share love and positivity.

Dogs are wonderful creatures. We’ve seen for ourselves the happiness that these little guys can bring. So if you know someone who would love a little handwritten note from our two boys, please get in touch.

There is no charge for this. It’s just our way wanting to share more love and happiness in the World.

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