The Little Man: Episode 2, Clever Boy

Jango has always been a great eater. When he was just a pup, we used small treats as rewards for his good boy behaviour….a pee or poop outside, it gained him a treat.

However as much as his training was coming on great, we were starting to realise that he was also a very clever little pup.

It took a couple of times for us to realise this. He figured if he went outside and just hid for a bit, then ran back in, we would assume that was him doing his business. It wasn’t until a little while, that we realised he was asking to be outside more often - a lot more than we thought.

Wondering whether he may have found a little hole in the fence or maybe sniffed out another pooch or cat, we watched him a little more closely.

So one day, we let him outside and rushed to the kitchen window. He wasn’t doing his normal zoomies and wasn’t anywhere to be seen on the grass….looking down, we seen him just sitting by the window. Then moments later he strutted in, as though he’d just gained the title of ‘best boy ever’.

So the next time, we did it again and looked instantly down by the window. And there he was, just waiting for his cue to re-enter the house. I could tell he had a little smirk on his face.

We couldn’t fault him. And there was no way he was being told off for that - that in my mind was Jango just using his initiative….and probably deserving of a treat!

Jango Wears