The Little Man: Episode 3, He Made Me Do It

So Jango literally has always been the ‘good boy’ dog. Very loving, affectionate and just overall a top dog.

We had thought over and over again about a new addition to the family and agreed that another dog at some point would fit in nicely. A little furry playmate for Jango to have. He has always loved the company of other dogs being in the house, and we wanted him to have a friend.

So when we brought Boba home, he literally took to him straight away. I was so pleased and relieved. They do everything together, they run together, play together and Boba even uses Jango as a pillow to sleep on.

On this particular day, Boba was teething a little and had chewed some of the house. So when our little one needed changing, we took him upstairs to change him. I would have normally closed the kitchen door to prevent any damage with the chewing. But I forgot.

So the little one is changed and looks tired. We manage to get him to sleep and while the boys downstairs were quiet, I decided to do a little tidy up.

After about 15 minutes I heard a faint yelp. I popped my head over the stairs. Normally I’d see them both together, calling them our two little potatoes. But they weren’t there. I heard another little yelp and realised it was Jango…..Jango who never makes a sound….

So I ran downstairs, noticed the kitchen door was opened and panicked. Looking through the door straight away I was met with nothing. Then another yelp.

Turning to the noise I see Jango. Jango who had jumped up onto the kitchen benches and had made his way along to the cooker hob. Sitting with his butt perfectly positioned on one of the hob rings looking like butter wouldn’t melt.

His yelp wasn’t that of pain, but at the fact he was now up at a decent height and unable to get back down.

Asking him how he got up there (I do tend to talk to them a lot!), he just looked at Boba. Literally as if to say ‘he made me do it’.

I’m not sure if Jango felt that he had managed to convince me that a puppy had managed to get a 15kg, stubborn, adult dog up onto a bench top, but after lifting him back down, he seemed very pleased with himself.

In all honestly though, Boba has been such a great addition to Jango. He’s gone back into ‘cheeky, mischievous puppy mode’……we’re just still trying to figure out if thats a good or bad thing!

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